KKSB kotelo Raspberry Pi 5:lle

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Raspberry Pi 5 -kotelo on valmistettu alumiinista, ja se on erityisesti kehitetty sisältämään Raspberry Pi 5:n, mikä varmistaa turvallisen ja tarkan istuvuuden sekä tilaa jäähdytykseen, hattuihin ja lisälevyihin.

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Innovative and Practical Design

This Raspberry Pi 5 case is a fusion of innovative design and practical functionality. The inclusion of the 40-pin stackable header, accommodating the original Raspberry Pi 5 cooler with strategic airflow space, sets this case apart as a top choice for Raspberry Pi 5 users. Enhance your Raspberry Pi 5 experience with a case designed for optimal performance, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal.

Quality and Aesthetics

Robust Material: Constructed from sandblasted black anodized aluminum, the case not only provides strong protection for your Raspberry Pi 5 but also adds a modern and stylish touch to your setup.

Enhanced Features

  • Raspberry Pi 5 Case made of aluminium: Specially engineered to house the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring a secure and exact fit.
  • Optimized for Cooling: Fully compatible with the Official Raspberry Pi Cooler, the case is designed to maintain optimal operating temperatures for the Raspberry Pi 5.

Why Should You Choose This Case?

  • 40-Pin Stackable Header: A key feature of our case is the included 40-pin stackable header. This unique design element is crucial for Raspberry Pi 5 enthusiasts using HATs (Hardware Attached on Top). The stackable header not only facilitates the connection of multiple HATs but also ensures there’s ample space for airflow between the HAT and the cooler. This space is vital for effective heat dissipation, a critical aspect for maintaining the Raspberry Pi 5’s performance and longevity, especially when running intensive tasks or during extended use.
  • Ample Ventilation: Designed with sufficient ventilation slots to support the Raspberry Pi 5’s cooling needs, ensuring steady airflow and heat management.
  • Spacious Interior Design: The case is thoughtfully designed to provide plenty of room for Raspberry Pi 5 addon boards, heatsinks, or low-profile coolers, enhancing the device’s functionality and performance.


QR Code for Quick Setup: The case comes with step by step assembly instructions accessible via a QR code.


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GTIN / EAN / UPC7350001161648
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Country of OriginCN
HS Tariff Code84718000


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