Elektroniikan perussarja komponenttien kanssa

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DIY elektronik basis starter kit breadboard, jumpperikaapelit, vastukset, summeri ja paljon muuta.



Power Supply Module:

Brand new & high quality
Breadboard power supply module, compatible with 5 V, 3.3 V
Apply to MB102 breadboard
Input voltage: 6.5-12 V (DC) or USB power supply
Output voltage: 3.3V/5V can switch over
Maximum output current: <700 ma
Fluctuation two road independent control, can switch over to 0 V, 3.3 V, 5 V
On-board two groups of 3.3V, 5V DC output plug pin, convenient external lead use.
Size: 5.3*3.2*2.5cm
Weight: 12g


1 x Power Supply Module
1 x 400 Holes Breadboard
1 x Small Resistor Card
1 x 90 Degrees 40 Pin Header
1 x 40 Pin Header
1 x 9V Battery Connection
1 x 65 Jumper Wire
1 x Active Buzzer
1 x Passive Buzzer
1 x Relay
3 x 10k Adjustable Potentiometer
3 x 10k Potentiometer
1 x 10k Adjustable Potentiometer
5 x 100uf Electrolytic Capacitor
5 x 100nf Metal Capacitor
5 x 100pf Ceramic Capacitor
5 x 47uf Electrolytic Capacitor
5 x 22uf Electrolytic Capacitor
5 x 330up Electrolytic Capacitor
5 x 100pf Monolithic Capacitor
10 x 1N4007 Diode
10 x Resistor(100Ω)
10 x Resistor(220Ω)
10 x Resistor(330Ω)
10 x Resistor(560Ω)
10 x Resistor(1k)
10 x Resistor(2k)
10 x Resistor(4.7k)
10 x Resistor(10k)
10 x Resistor(20k)
10 x Resistor(51k)
10 x Resistor(1M)
10 x Resistor(10M)
5 x Photosensitive resistor
5 x PNP Transistor (8550)
5 x NPN Transistor (8050)
2 x IRF520
8 x Big Key
2 x Read Header Cap
2 x Blue Header Cap
2 x Green Header Cap
2 x Black Header Cap
10 x White LED
10 x Red LED
10 x Green LED
10 x Orange LED
10 x Blue LED
1 x 20pin Female-to-male Dupont Wire
1 x Project Box


Paino500 g (gramma)
Manufacturer Product Number
Country of OriginCN
HS Tariff Code82060090


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