Heat Sink Red til Compute Blade

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Heatsink til Compute Blade. Tilføjelse for alle, der ønsker at skubbe grænserne for deres Compute Blade.

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Heatsink – High Efficient Cooling for Uptime Industries Compute Blade

Designed and engineered specifically for the Compute Blade, the Uptime Industries Heatsink doesn’t limit your Compute Blade access and provides optimized heat removal.

The aluminum Heat Sink is meticulously engineered to provide maximum heat dissipation, ensuring that your Compute Blade operates at optimal temperatures. Its sleek design not only complements the aesthetics of your setup but also contributes to the longevity and stability of your system.

They are available in three colors, giving you the option to color-code your individual compute blades.

Note: The images show several heatsinks next to each other – this is for illustration and comparison purposes. We sell each heatsink individually. 

Key Features

  • Integrates within Compute Blade
  • Thermal Conductivity 229 W/mK
  • Optimized heat removal

Compute Blade System is compatible with this heatsink, and is sold separately. The compute blade, compute modules and other accessories shown in the images are shown for illustration purposes.


CompabilityCompute Blade RC2, V1.0
Dimensions40 x 86 x 9 mm


The Compute Blade heat sink is the result of extensive testing and optimization, ensuring that your Compute Blade remains cool and efficient, even under the most demanding conditions.


Accessories for the Compute Blade platform

The Compute Blade platform is a product family, consisting of products optimized to work with each other:

  • Compute Blade, compatible with Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM4
  • Compute Blade Fan Unit (Basic Fan Unit & Smart Fan Unit versions) – one fan unit cools two compute blades.
  • Compute Blade Heatsink (this product) – available in black, red, blue
  • BladeRunner Compute Blade Enclosures – available in a 19”-rack mountable version, and a 4-unit housing version
  • (coming soon): AI accelerator module, adds two Coral TPUs to the compute blade
  • (coming soon): BladeCluster Pro and BladeCluster ProSW – fully assembled 19” 1U metal racks, including compute modules and software (ProSW only)



What is a Compute Blade? 

The Compute Blade, is a enterprise grade rack-mountable, PoE-powered carrier board for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, allowing you to create a blade server.

What is a blade server?

A blade server is a compact, self-contained computer server, specifically designed to minimize the use of physical space and energy. Unlike traditional rack-mount servers, which are standalone servers that require individual components such as network and storage interfaces, blade servers are housed in a chassis that provides these resources collectively. This setup allows for a high density of servers, which can share power, cooling, networking, and storage facilities provided by the chassis.

Blade servers are particularly suitable for environments requiring high compute density without the need for a lot of individual storage, like web hosting, virtualization, and cloud computing services.

Where can I find out more about Uptime Industries, what is their story? 

Uptime Industries was founded in April 2023 by Ivan Kuleshov and Sascha Bührle following a successful Kickstarter campaign “Compute Blade: Your Rack-Mountable ARM Cluster,” where the first 12,000 blades were sold and the community expanded.

Based on community requests, Uptime Industries decided in early 2024 to extend the Compute Blade platform with multiple modules and accessories, besides working on its own software products for a holistic Compute Blade experience, innovating in the cluster computing space.

During the same time, a well-recognized VC, TrueVentures, joined forces to expand and scale the Compute Blade platform rapidly besides developing an upcoming edgeAI focused product line. 

You can find out more about Uptime Industries on their homepage:

What support options are available for Compute Blade users?

Uptime Industries offers comprehensive support for all Compute Blade users. This includes an extensive online knowledge base, a user forum for community assistance, and direct customer service for more complex inquiries. Please refer to the following links to get started:

Our team (buyzero.de) is also dedicated to ensuring you have all the resources you need to succeed with your Compute Blade, please reach out to us if you have any inquiries.

How does the Uptime Industries Heatsink ensure efficient cooling for my Compute Blade?

Our aluminum heatsink is engineered for maximum heat dissipation, pulling heat away from your Compute Blade to maintain optimal operating temperatures. This passive cooling technology is essential for high-performance server cooling and contributes to the stable operation of your system.

Can I choose a heatsink that matches the aesthetics of my setup?

Absolutely! The heatsink is available in three colors, allowing for a customizable look. You can color-code your individual compute blades for organization or aesthetic preference, adding a personal touch to your efficient cooling solution.

What are the benefits of the heatsink’s high thermal conductivity rating?

The Uptime Industries Heatsink boasts a thermal conductivity of 229 W/mK, which means it can transfer heat at a very high rate. This level of thermal management is crucial for dissipating heat effectively and ensuring your hardware stays cool under load.

Is the heatsink compatible with all Compute Blade systems?

Our heatsink is designed specifically for the Compute Blade RC2, V1.0. Its precise dimensions and design integrate seamlessly with your Compute Blade, providing a rack-mountable heat solution without impeding access to your system’s components.

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